Experience the largest model tram lay-out “Copenhagen Tramways” in Denmark


Experience the largest model tram lay-out “Copenhagen Tramways” in Denmark



 Bornholms Modelrailway






in Østermarie is a model of The Copenhagen Tramways in the first part of the 1920´s. It’s built in “0-scale” 1:45.

We are trying to catch the atmosphere in the old Copenhagen


from this period with streets, automobiles, shops, signs, figures and street-equipment and, of course, the trams from that period. The Copenhagen Tramways had its heydays in the 1920´s, before buses and autos took over and WW2 stopped the progress.

A few years more, and all the doubledecker cars was either rebuilt to single-deck (1924), or scrapped (1933). The old rebuilt horsedrawn trailers was still in service for ten more years.

It was the largest tramway system of Scandinavia



The highlight of the exhibition are the model of the Danish Parliament building ”Christiansborg” in full 1l45 scale.

All the trams, except the double-decker cars from Frederiksberg (they are from


 "Swedtram"), are handmade "scratch built". The track are HO scale track from Swedtram "Orr-Track", hand laid and spiked to the table-top. The street surface are carved in precolored Gypsum.

We use the Lenz digital system and two-rail operation. We are working on a complete automatic operation system based on a new computer system.

This web-site contains pictures of the lay-out “Udstilling”, as well as older pictures from Copenhagen


. There’s a list of the tramcar models “vognparken” and galleries of house buildings. There’s a six minutes film and links.


We are not yet ready to open the museum, there are still a lot of work to do. If you have some questions, please feel free to send an e-mail to: jr60@live.dk

By the way: Bornholm is an island in the Baltic Sea